Decor Guide: Gilded Desk Accessories

By: Analicia Austin

A beautiful gold Swarovski pen, gilded paper clips, and a beautiful notebook. In this gilded decor guide, these are some of the beautiful items to consider if you feel like your desk/office space needs to be revitalize.

 01. Poppin 6-Pc. Metallic Binder Clips / 02. Tillys Rose Gold Pencil Cup 03. Concepts in Time Gold Polka Dot Clipboard / 04. Concepts in Time Gold Stapler 05. Kate Spade New York Gold Stripe Pencil Set 06. Trouva Holloways Of Ludlow Mini Striped Pocket Notebook/ 07. Swarovski Crystalline Pen 08. Kate Spade New York 3-Pc. Desk Accessories Set